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The Government of Bhutan does not check for vaccinations upon entry into Bhutan. Being up to date with usual Asian vaccinations is recommended. Hospitals and medical facilities are available in all the districts of the Country. Severe cases require medical evacuation air lift to Bangkok. As most parts of Bhutan are situated at high altitude, it’s a non-Malaria region except in southern parts of Bhutan. Strict hygiene standards are enforced in the food production areas by BAFRA (Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority).

You may suffer from altitude sickness. Altitude Sickness is the result of your body’s failure to adjust to higher altitudes because of the rate of ascent. It can occur as you travel from sea level to high elevation. For 99% of travelers the elevation of the country and passes between the valleys does not create problems. For travelers going on treks we need to know whether they have any former history of altitude sickness. We strongly recommend that you purchase comprehensive insurance and have a complete medical check up before you leave home. Please inform us of any pre-existing medical condition.

Headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, insomnia, shortness of breath, and tingling on hands or feet are Symptoms of altitude sickness and it can be cured by Aspirin, ginger tea, butter tea, and in severe cases for people who have previous difficulty 125mg of Diamox every 12 hours (not available in Bhutan) as well as Reduced altitude will be of great help.

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